Getting Started With Performing Arts

Being a thespian isn’t something you just wake up being. It’s something you become through studying the arts of the ages. Great actors have graced the stage in every generation. They were just people that understood characters and could express them well. That’s what performing arts is all about.

There are many fields you can get into in performing arts. You could be a director and put a production together. You should be a playwright and actually write the words that people will be saying. You can be a set designer, or a costume designer, and help bring the world of the play to life. Or, you could be an actor.

An actor, or an actress, is the most noticed person in a production. They are the ones that will ultimately decide if a production is good or not. No matter how well written, directed, or designed a production is, if the actors aren’t good it will not be successful.

Some people are a little intimidated by acting because of all the lines they have to memorize. Well, you might be surprised to hear that most actors think that line memorizing is the easiest part of the job. After you practice a scene enough times, the lines just stick. The hard part is becoming the character. The hard part is actually delivering those lines in a believable way. So, don’t worry too much about those lines.

When you are starting out as an actor, you probably won’t have that many lines to begin with. Beginning actors are given bit parts where they only come on stage for a moment. As you rise up in the field, you are given larger and larger parts. That is how you become a successful member of the acting community.

Some actors get bored with just acting, and want to try some of the other parts of performing arts. They begin writing plays of their own, and then trying to direct them. Some of these are absolute flops. That means they are terrible and nobody likes them. Every now and then and actor becomes a talented director and playwright.

We are getting ahead of ourselves. Before you can even become an actor, you will have to pass an audition. Auditions are very competitive. Many actors will show up and read lines from the play. Most of the actors there will have read the play at least a few times so they understand the character they are auditioning for.

The casting director will ultimately choose the actor that fits the most with the play that they are imagining. So, you have just as good a chance as anyone to get the part. You might just be the face they were imagining to begin with.

Confidence is important as you are auditioning.

I hope that this has been a good introduction into the world of performing arts. It’s a wonderful world to be part of. It can be extremely exciting for everyone involved. Still, it can be very competitive, so make sure you have the stomach for it.